Celebrating Tom Walter and Kevin Jordan

Baseball coach Tom Walter donated a kidney to one of his players, Kevin Jordan, on Monday, Feb. 7, 2011. Jordan began to feel ill in January 2010 as a freshman, and he was diagnosed with ANCA vasculitis, requiring dialysis for about 10 hours a day. When Jordan’s family did not produce an ideal donor match, Walter volunteered.

An outpouring of support for Walter and Jordan came from all corners of the nation when news of Walter’s selfless act was published. More than 200 guestbook entries of support and well wishes are preserved here.

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Guestbook Entries:

February 08, 2011 – 01:49 AM

Kevin’s heroic effort throughout the last year and Coach Walter’s selfless act to donate a kidney are extraordinary, and they reflect the spirit of Pro Humanitate that defines the Wake Forest community. I am grateful for their examples, and also for the many ways that so many in our community give of themselves each day. Please join me in thinking about Kevin, Coach Walter, and their families today and during their recoveries.

Sincerely, Nathan O. Hatch President

Nathan O. Hatch

February 08, 2011 – 03:24 AM

Tom Walter is an extraordinary man. I’m glad I was privileged to meet him.

Thomas Cortez

February 08, 2011 – 09:09 AM

Coach Walter is an inspiring example to all. My prayers are with him and Kevin in their recovery.

Sara Blackburn

February 08, 2011 – 09:16 AM

My best best wishes to both Kevin and coach Walter for a complete and speedy recovery.

David Levy

February 08, 2011 – 09:23 AM

Dear Coach Walter, I am Kevin’s adviser, and I really admire your support for him. I wish you both a speedy recovery. All the best!

Heiko Wiggers

February 08, 2011 – 09:28 AM

Coach Walter,

My name is Chris Poff. I am a kidney transplant patient myself. I received a kidney in April of 2008 and what you did is the most unselfish thing I have heard in quite sometime. I wish there were more people like you. I am the biggest baseball fan that ever walked, and now I am a huge Wake Forest Baseball fan. I hope that you and Kevin are recovering well. God bless you, and best wishes in the upcoming season!

Chris Poff

February 08, 2011 – 09:39 AM

My prayers are with you both for a speedy recovery and your return to campus. Go Deacs!

Betsy Chapman

February 08, 2011 – 09:45 AM

Well wishes from Campus Life for a speedy recovery. We admire your bravery and appreciate both of you for showing the rest of us what it means to overcome obstacles.

Meghan Haenn

February 08, 2011 – 09:46 AM

This is such a heartwarming story. My sister also had a kidney transplant at a young age due to anca vasculitis. You are both in my prayers and I will ask the people at my church to pray for your quick recovery as well.

Ally D.

February 08, 2011 – 09:59 AM

Take Care and Best WIshes.

Sue Siderovski

February 08, 2011 – 10:15 AM

Our world would be such a different and better place were there more people willing to give so unselfishly of themselves. I am thankful to be part of the Wake Forest community that shows the world how to walk.

Helen Beets

February 08, 2011 – 10:15 AM

It takes an extraordinary human to make such a selfless gesture. Our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery are with both of these men. (Parents of a Wake Forest freshman)

Sherri and Rich Werner

February 08, 2011 – 10:17 AM

Coach Walter

What you have done has shown everyone what an amazing person you truly are. God has blessed Kevin to have a great coach like yourself. I pray that you and Kevin have a speedy and safe recovery. You are both in my and my family’s prayers

God Bless

Priscilla Garmendia

February 08, 2011 – 10:37 AM

Thanks for being such an inspiration; my father has had CLL for the past five years and has always been plagued by health issues from my birth. From hepatitis, to a parathyroid surgery to hernia to losing his teeth from a life long bout with an unidentifiable stomach illness to prostate cancer and now, finally, CLL. Kevin, thanks for being such an iron man and Coach, I hope that I can step up like you did when the time comes. Thank you both.


February 08, 2011 – 10:39 AM

Best wishes for a successful recovery. This story makes me proud to be a Demon Deacon.

John Track

February 08, 2011 – 10:40 AM

You are truly an amazing person! Our thoughts and prayers are with both you and Kevin. You hit a homerun again!

Caroline & Trip Morgan

February 08, 2011 – 10:55 AM

Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Proud to be a parent of Class of 2015.

John Beyer

February 08, 2011 – 11:08 AM

Many blessings to you both. Praying for a swift recovery. Makes me proud to be a mother of a first-year Deac!

Amy Norcross

February 08, 2011 – 11:40 AM

I am the mother of a Wake Forest student, and a nurse who works with transplant patients. You are both heroes, and your story will save lives by inspiring others to become organ donors. Best wishes to both of you and your families!!!

Andrea Merlin

February 08, 2011 – 11:41 AM

What great examples of strength, courage, and determination Kevin and Coach Walter are. We can only hope to follow their example if we are ever called upon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both.

Lynne Heflin

February 08, 2011 – 11:42 AM

An inspiring story of selflessness and courage. All my best to all involved.

MJH (Parent of Incoming Freshman – Class of 2015)

Martha Hays

February 08, 2011 – 12:25 PM

Wishing you both all the best. This makes me so proud to be part of the Demon Deacon family!

JM Baratta

February 08, 2011 – 12:54 PM

This is my husband’s response when I forwarded the story about you to him. \”That’s incredible! You know, over the past 5 or 6 months I have read about and heard various stories about Wake Forest students, faculty, coaches and the general Wake Forest community. I can’t believe we have a daughter that is in the thick of this community and is able to see the honor and dignity that can come from being true to something much larger than yourself, and in the process realize you can grow to become something much larger than you ever dreamed. I believe in my heart she is in the best place for her.\” We are proud to be Wake Forest parents! Good luck for speedy recoveries!

Kermit and Ada Payne

February 08, 2011 – 01:00 PM

What an inspirational story. As an alumnus and employee of Florida State, I’m proud to have coaches like Tom Walter in the ACC. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery for both Coach Walter and Kevin, and hopefully we’ll see you back on the diamond soon!

Steve Rogers

February 08, 2011 – 01:25 PM

Praying for both of you and your families. Coach, your selfless gift to Kevin demonstrates the special way Wake Forest connects us all together. I am a parent of a senior and hopefully will have another child heading there in 2012! May God bless you both and Go Deacs!

Dana Lindsay

February 08, 2011 – 02:22 PM

What an inspiritual story! God bless the both of you. I pray for a speedy recovery. God hear’s all prayers.

Debbie Burton

February 08, 2011 – 02:42 PM

Coach Walter, Thank you for your act of human kindness for young Kevin Jordan. Speedy recovery to both of you!

mary lucas

February 08, 2011 – 02:53 PM

Tom and Kevin you and your families are in my thoughts and prayers! May you both have a speedy recovery!

Cathy McDonough

February 08, 2011 – 03:13 PM

What an inspirational story. May you both make a full and speedy recovery.

Kelley Atkinson

February 08, 2011 – 03:23 PM

Tom: A class act from a class coach. I didn’t think you could top your actions after Katrina, but, boy was I wrong! It will be a special day when you and Kevin step on the diamond together! Here’s wishing a full and speedy recover for you both.

Mike Bujol

February 08, 2011 – 03:30 PM

Best NCAA story in a while. You both make me proud to call Wake Forest my alma mater and Winston-Salem my hometown. Great hire, Ron Wellman. Another class act in the athletics department. Wishing you both quick and successful recoveries.

Kevin Cain

February 08, 2011 – 03:41 PM

I read your guys story on yahoo sports. I am a little league coach for NorthEast Los Angeles L.L. in California. I am glad the the surgeries went well and wish you both a quick and safe recovery. I am speechless to have read this story. There are many stories in sports about courage, honor, loyalty, sacrifice, etc. but Coach Walter has been put on the top of all lists. You have truly shown what a dedicated coach is and how all others should be. Yes, wins are what most people want but your act is the best Win any program can have. You have given a young man an opportunity to live, not many can say that. I applaud you and Kevin for his strength as well. Both of you are in our thought and prayers.

Alejandro Mojarro

February 08, 2011 – 03:45 PM

WOW! Great Story. I have never heard of a such a sacrifice. I am very impressed. GO DEACS!

c\/o 2006

Miss Tonge

February 08, 2011 – 03:58 PM

Wow. What a story. This really hits home. I am a Kidney Cancer survivor and I have had only one Kidney for the last 8 and 1\/2 years. Hopefully Coach Walter will be as lucky as I have been and not have any problems with only one Kidney for the rest of his life. He sure deserves it.

Garry Borin

February 08, 2011 – 04:15 PM

Thank you for showing that college sports is so much more than just grooming for professional sports. Your act of generosity, Coach Walter, is a credit most to your personality and secondly a credit to this fine institution. Kevin Jordan, you have clearly impressed people your entire life and I have no doubt that you will continue to do so with this gift. Thank you for representing my alma mater with distinction and I wish you both the best of luck in your respective recoveries. May the joy of life be ever yours!

Mark Hoover

February 08, 2011 – 04:20 PM

I am a Wake Forest student parent.

laura rosenbluth

February 08, 2011 – 04:25 PM

What can be said, God bless you.

Mike McDonald

February 08, 2011 – 04:30 PM

Unbelievable. What an act of kindness and giving. May the Lord bless you both richly.


February 08, 2011 – 05:16 PM

In a news world constantly dominated by depressing and disappointing news, it was great to come across this story. Best of luck to both of you and I can only hope this story can provide encouragement to others who hear it as well.


February 08, 2011 – 05:18 PM

Best wishes to you both for a full and speedy recovery!


February 08, 2011 – 05:20 PM

Proud to be a parent of a Wake Forest baseball player. Best wishes for a quick and complete recovery for both of you. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you. The Marrs family

Beth Marrs

February 08, 2011 – 05:24 PM

As a parent of a 2010 graduate and as a current Wake Forest grad student, I am proud to be part of the Wake Forest community. This selfless act demonstrates the highest possible dedication to community service and I wish Kevin and Coach Walter the speediest of recoveries. GO DEACS!!!

Cindy Rayburn

February 08, 2011 – 05:25 PM

What amazing people you both are! I find myself reading this story and being overwhelmed by the importance of \”teammates\” in our lives, however you define that term. My pride as a Demon Deacon overflows.


February 08, 2011 – 05:29 PM

Thank you for such a wonderful display of the human spirit and what it means to love one another. We could not be more proud of our Wake Forest family!! God Bless you both and prayers for a healthy and fast recovery.

Christina Rumbold

February 08, 2011 – 05:34 PM

Unbelievable act of kindness. Thoughts and prayers to both families for a speedy recovery.

Jill Renton

February 08, 2011 – 05:36 PM

Coach Walter…as a former staff employee, of WFU I’m, deeply, touched and proud of you. WFU is a close \”family\” of wonderful people, including students, staff, Administrators and Professors. Your love and selfless act exemplifies the care and concern that this wonderful institution (WFU) stands for. May God bless you and Kevin, as He continues to bring healing to you, both!

Pat Pegram

February 08, 2011 – 05:37 PM

We knew our daughter Jennifer graduated from a first class university, but Tom Walter’s donation of a kidney is above and beyond anything we’ve ever seen. We are very proud to be Demon Deacon parents.

Liz and Mark Dice

February 08, 2011 – 06:07 PM

Amazing! Proud to be a parent connected with Wake Forest! Best of luck Coach and Kevin!


February 08, 2011 – 06:17 PM

As a football parent, I’ve always said that my son’s coaches care for him like he is their own child…looks like the same applies to the baseball coaches!! Best of luck to you both…Go Deacs!

Martha Barnes

February 08, 2011 – 06:30 PM

We can only wish for both of you the speediest of recoveries. It is the awesome Deacon spirit that shows both of you how much you are thought of in the Wake community…. GO DEACS… Kim and Bill Taylor’79, P ’11

Kim and Bill Taylor ’79

February 08, 2011 – 06:41 PM

Best wishes from Career Services for a smooth and speedy recovery to 2 courageous Deacs! Your story has gone \”viral\” ensuring that you are in the hearts and on the minds of an ever-increasing number of well-wishers.


February 08, 2011 – 06:48 PM

What an extraordinary gift you are giving – amazing and selfless. God Bless you both.

Jodie Jandreau

February 08, 2011 – 08:17 PM

Your actions demonstrate the strength of the Wake Forest community, as well as your selflessness both as a person and a coach. All my wishes for a speedy recovery for you and Mr. Jordan. You are the definition of a hero!


February 08, 2011 – 08:59 PM

You are wonderful!

Ann Munger

February 08, 2011 – 09:44 PM

Coach Walter. What a wonderful gift to one of your baseball players. That was a very selfless act…you probably didn’t even think twice. My son played baseball for you in 1996-99 at The George Washington University, Jon C. Green.

John O. Green

February 08, 2011 – 10:05 PM

What a wonderful act, I know from experience as my wife donated a kidney to me April ’10. Hope both have a speedy recovery and are back on the field with their team. Go Deacs and Roll Tide!

Shane Borden

February 08, 2011 – 10:20 PM

This is such a blessing!I am now a deacon baseball fan! (Even though I am from Clemson:)Dr.Newell is the best! I donated a kidney to my sister over a year ago.He ,along with Dr.Tso&Dr.Turgeon,did my surgery.They are wonderful!! Emory hospital is top notch! What a blessing Kevin ,to have this angel in your life! And to you coach Tom, you have given this man the most precious gift of life! You are a hero!!!The Lord works in mysterious ways! Good_Luck with your recoveries! I plan to see you guys play when you come to tiger town!


February 08, 2011 – 11:01 PM

God bless you both and get better soon. Sure your team is looking forward to getting you back in the dugout and out on the field soon.

Mike Morello

February 08, 2011 – 11:44 PM

What a generous and kind gesture! May you both live long, happy lives! Alan Banov, UNC ’67

Alan Banov

February 09, 2011 – 05:00 AM

We could not have a picked a better choice than wfu to send our freshman daughter to. As her father I feel very blessed.Coach Tom that is the most \”UN\”selfesh act a human being could do for another.

Patrick Browne

February 09, 2011 – 06:48 AM

Tommy what a wonderful act of kindness you have bestowed upon Kevin! Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers as well as your family! This just goes to show you how big a heart you have Tommy!

Tim and Amy Heinlein JHS Class of 1986!

Amy Sinoply- Heinlein

February 09, 2011 – 07:19 AM

Most courageous and selfless act ANY man can do. Coach Walter is a TRUE hero. \”PROPS\” to Wake Forest University for recruiting people of such high integrity- possibly may have helped save this young man’s life.

Brad Holcomb

February 09, 2011 – 07:23 AM

Tommy, As always you are the most wonderful and kind person that I have ever met. What you did was absolutely amazing. My thoughts are with you, Kevin and your families.

Ronda Waterman Banks

February 09, 2011 – 08:00 AM

What an incredibly moving story of courage, sacrifice, selflessness, kindness, generosity…the list goes on. Good luck and a quick recovery to both of you. I’m mainly a DIII and Ohio State sports fan, but I will be rooting for and following the Wake Forest baseball team!

Linda Germane-Maskulka

February 09, 2011 – 08:32 AM

Tom – when they say you tell players that they become a part of your family – that is so true because from growing up together you are like my brother. What a FINE man you are to give the gift of life to Kevin.

Kevin – I wish you nothing but the BEST that life has to offer. You are young and strong and the world is waiting for you!!!

Judy Vasilko Edsall

February 09, 2011 – 08:34 AM

May God bless both of you as you recover from surgery. Kevin, best wishes for a speedy recovery. Tommy, you are awesome.

Barb (Selders) & Denny Voytko

February 09, 2011 – 08:35 AM

Now that is TEAMWORK! Go DEACS!


February 09, 2011 – 08:57 AM

As Wake Forest alum and parents, we can truly say that we have never been more proud to be Demon Deacons. Tom, your act of selflessness is to be rewarded. May you serve as a role model for your team and the world. Kevin, God bless you as you recover. May you never forget this act of generosity and \”pay it forward\” in your life. God bless you both.

Clay and Lisa Camp

February 09, 2011 – 09:04 AM

Tom, I knew that you were an amazing guy in high school, but this tops the list in selfless service. My prayer is that God will grant both you and Kevin speedy recoveries!

Be blessed and balanced!

Rev. Dr. Eric L. Brown

February 09, 2011 – 09:25 AM

What an amazing bond the two of you will share for life. My that bond inspire others. God Bless the both of you for a speedy recovery!


February 09, 2011 – 09:37 AM

Coach and Kevin – you already have a winning season! Best to you both.

Dan Shive

February 09, 2011 – 09:38 AM

Tom, What an amazing act of kindness,I hope you recover quickly and get back on the field soon! And what a special bond you will always share with Kevin!!

Kevin, Our thoughts and prayers for a bright future and quick recovery!!

Marcy mcCreary Inks

February 09, 2011 – 09:42 AM

Kevins father was correct, this is a divine intervention.For them to make the decision that Kevin attend WF and play for Coach Walter was guided by a higher power. To come in contact with a person that is so selfless and compassionate in their time of need was unbelievable. Tom we hope you and Kevin have a fast recovery.

Sandy and Thom Kott

February 09, 2011 – 09:56 AM

Dear Tom and Kevin: I would like to tell you that this is a courageous and inspiring story that you two have given us. Tom, you are a champion and a true hero to all of us. I wish you and your family nothing but the best of luck in the future and a complete and full recovery. Kevin, I also want to wish you and your family all the best of luck in the future and I hope that you have a great and normal life. I want to thank Wake Forest University, the Walter family and the Jordan family for sharing this amazing story with us. May God Bless each and every one of you.

Robert Grady

February 09, 2011 – 09:58 AM

Tommy – It is surreal reading this story about a hometown classmate! You are a very special person to give Kevin this gift and I’m proud to know you :)

I wish you both speedy recoveries!

Michele Nosko

February 09, 2011 – 10:02 AM

Walt, may GOD BLESS both you and Kevin!! Walt, what you have done, few humans would have even considered doing! This goes to show what you would be and are willing to do for your family, players and friends. Walt you were a GOOD FRIEND to many in high school and you are and will be a friend to many to come.

Kevin, you were brought to WAKE for a reason and that reason goes by the name TOMMY WALTER. Kevin, I hope that you are able to recover quickly and get back on the field to show Coach Walt and the whole WAKE FOREST FAMILY that you were ment to be there.


Paul M. Layton- Johnstown High Class of 1986

February 09, 2011 – 10:05 AM

Well Done.

Chris Sanson

February 09, 2011 – 10:20 AM

I am a Washingtonian, and I saw this story on the news this morning and it brought tears to my eyes. It is my sincerest prayer that God continues to bless both Tom and Kevin. For, Mr. Walter to give so unselfishly and doante his kidney to this young man it’s just unimaginable. What a beautiful story; Please continue to share it for all the world to hear and see.

Michelle Beard

February 09, 2011 – 10:27 AM

Sometimes we get caught up in the fast pace of life and forget how important we are to each other. I think you and Kevin give all of us a reality check and \”demon-strate\” what really matters is what we can do for others. As a parent of one of next year’s class at WFU I am thankful my son will be mentored by people like you. No act of kindness will go unrewarded. Your future is bright and life is good.

Ed & Lynda Kaden

February 09, 2011 – 10:32 AM

As a spouse of a kidney transplant beneficiary, I can appreciate the gift from and to the persons involved. Great reflection on Tom and Kevin and WFU.


February 09, 2011 – 10:36 AM

This goes beyond Pro Humanitate. This is an example of loving your neighbor as yourself.

I pray and trust that you and your families continue to be blessed. It’s the stewardship you showed to others that really exemplifies what it’s really all about.

Thanks for making me prouder to be a Deacon.

Sincerely, Andrew Snorton (’93)

Andrew Snorton

February 09, 2011 – 10:43 AM

What an inspirational story! Best wishes to both Coach Walter and Kevin for a speedy recovery…

Kanen Beekley

February 09, 2011 – 10:43 AM

Thank you so much for stepping up and sharing so much of yourself with this young man. You have set a great example for others to follow. Well done.

Chevelle Hunter

February 09, 2011 – 10:51 AM

What a wonderful selfless act. My prayers are with you both. I am proud to be a Demon Deacon employee and fan.

Pam Goforth

February 09, 2011 – 11:08 AM

My family and I are praying for you both – you are the spirit of Pro Humanitate, and make me so proud to be a Deac!


February 09, 2011 – 11:24 AM

Congratulations to both of you, to your families, and to the Wake Forest family! Coach Walter, you should be Sports Illustrated’s next Sportsman of the Year! Your action exemplifies everything that an upstanding, venerable, courageous person with integrity can do. Wake Forest should be glad to have you. I wish you both a rapid recovery and a return to the game that you love.

Alisa Mayor

February 09, 2011 – 11:29 AM

You two are truly an inspiration. My family has personal experience with receiving the gift of life. Our youngest child had a liver transplant in 2002 at 7 months of age. Today he is 9 years old, and plays center field for his youth baseball team! I shared this story with him. We are now Demon Deacon fans! What an amazing gift. Sending best wishes for recovery and good health going forward. May God continue to bless you both.

Luis Player

February 09, 2011 – 01:05 PM

Tommy it was such a wonderful thing that you have done, The World needs more Tommy Walters in it. I wish you both the best of everything and god bless.

Brenda Berkey (sowerbrower)

February 09, 2011 – 01:17 PM

The last few months have been less than inspiring for Wake fans. Reading your story, however, reminded me of why I love Wake Forest. It is the embodiment of Pro Humanitate and speaks to what makes Wake an incredibly special place. Thank you for your sacrifices and for the pride you have restored for Wake fans across the country. You two make me incredibly proud to be a Deacon.

Shay Corbett

February 09, 2011 – 01:40 PM

Hello Coach Walter and Mr. Jordan. Persons associated with Wake Forest University are some of the best the world has to offer. The situation you both find yourselves in is a testament to this fact. I am more proud than ever to call myself a Demon Deacon. Thank you so much for allowing all of us in the greater Wake Forest University to share this special moment with you are the rest of the team.

Go Deacs!

Charles E. Gibson III, MA Wake Forest College, Class of 2009


February 09, 2011 – 01:41 PM

From our family here in the little mtn. town of Weaverville, NC; May you both heal quickly and be able to enjoy the wonderful life that now lies ahead for you both!Our Best Wishes, Linda & Robert Payne Mat Payne(WF Class’12)

Linda & Robert Payne

February 09, 2011 – 01:56 PM

WOW! What an amazing story! I am from Baton Rouge and plan to be there when our Tigers play your team this weekend. What an honor it will be for our team to play another team with such heart. Good Luck on your season and I pray for an easy and complete recovery for you both. God Bless!!!

\”Trudi Daigle- Baton Rouge, LA (LSU)

February 09, 2011 – 02:53 PM

just saw this on CNN … I have such admiration and respect for Coach Walter, what an inspiration! His family, team and school community are lucky to have him. All best wishes to the Coach, and to Kevin


February 09, 2011 – 03:00 PM

Very proud to be a Deac today (and always)! Both of you exemplify the spirit I witnessed in my four years at Wake. Can’t wait to see both of you back on the field, Go Deacs!

Rob Abraham ’10

Robert Abraham

February 09, 2011 – 03:10 PM

Tom – what a great gift you have given this young man. Your family and friends must be so proud of you. Good luck to both of you in the future.

Laura Gaston Williams

February 09, 2011 – 03:11 PM

For two sportsmen who spend lots of time thinking about wins and loses, what an incredible victory– a victory over a sickness that was costing a talented student-athlete his quality of life. The selflessness and courage you have demonstrated is nothing short of inspirational.

I pray for your speedy recovery and for continued enjoyment of abdundant health and happiness.

Lauren Hubbard ’09

February 09, 2011 – 03:59 PM

Coach – What you did for that young man was unbelieveable!! I have a son, Erik, who plays baseball up here in Illinois for Marian Catholic H.S. His dream is to play for North Carolina baseball. After sharing this story with him he’s now shooting to play for Wake Forest!! Good luck in the future. God Bless!!

Pat Callaghan

February 09, 2011 – 04:10 PM

God Bless you coach. Best wishes for a rapid recovery for you and Kevin.

Bill Cody

February 09, 2011 – 04:15 PM

Tommy \”Wow\” does not even begin to describe the amazing thing you have done for Kevin. I always knew that you would do great things with your life, but to help save the life of someone else goes beyond incredible. We are praying for you and Kevin to both recover fully and quickly. God Bless!

Lori Hoover Crumpton

February 09, 2011 – 05:01 PM

What an example of the embodiment of Pro Humanitate! As I watched CNN cover a story about a coach donating a kidney to a player, I thought it was an amazing act of selflessness. The story developed and I realized they were talking about two of our own – what a sense of joy! Coach Walter, you are an amazing person beyond anything words can describe! Kevin, we are all so glad that you came to Wake Forest and ultimately found this priceless match! You are both in the thoughts and prayers of every Demon Deacon for a speedy recovery and a quick return to campus.

Donna Herron Cauble ’07

February 09, 2011 – 05:44 PM

To the coach of this \”ABSOLUTELY SELF-LESS\” act, I’ve got three words for you an the recipient…\”GOD BLESS YOU!\”

Pastor Gilbert S. White, Sr. God in Action! Ministries Newark, NJ

\”Pastor Gilbert S. White, Sr

February 09, 2011 – 06:04 PM

Yet again, another reason why I am a proud DEMON DEACON! Wishing healthy recoveries for the two of you! :)


February 09, 2011 – 06:33 PM

This is so inspiring. Get well soon, both of you. Coach, you are a special human being.

Jan Runkle

February 09, 2011 – 07:05 PM

Incredible story! Makes me proud to be a Deac. Wishing the both of you a fast recovery.

Kevin Scott ’09

February 09, 2011 – 07:06 PM

What a wonderful story. Wishing you both a healthy and speedy recovery.

Kristi and Patrick Cradit

February 09, 2011 – 07:06 PM

What a wonderful life story that you share. It restores our faith in mankind and our belief in the miracles that God gives us. God bless you both and best wishes for a great recovery and a wonderful future for both coach Walter and student\/player jordan

Fred and Della Cook

February 09, 2011 – 07:07 PM

Coach! You rock!! Nothing more I would like to do than have a pint with you but I realize it’s not an option. Love you mate! Good on you! As cynical as I am about Human Beings, you have reaffirmed my faith in the same!! Brilliant !!!!!!!!!!

arham khan

February 09, 2011 – 07:34 PM

Great thing to do Tom, you make Johnstown proud… Good luck to ya both..

Sonia A… JHS Class of ’85

Sonia A

February 09, 2011 – 08:02 PM

God bless you Coach Tom Walter. You said it was a \”no brainer\” but most people would not do what you have done. Your compassion and selflessness shine as a model to all.

Karen Kimball

February 09, 2011 – 08:24 PM

Good luck with both of your recoveries! A true hero the coach is.

B Scarfone

February 09, 2011 – 08:33 PM

Coach Walter. Your place in heaven is assured. Thank you for inspiring me to be as good a man as I’m able.

Adam Ferber

February 09, 2011 – 08:55 PM

Thank you Coach Walter, for reminding us that there are still incredibly wonderful people in the world. Hoping for a long and healthy life for each of you, Kent Stair

Kent Stair

February 09, 2011 – 09:01 PM

I think it is great that this story is being told. Wishing you both the best. Michele Sivi Parks

Michele Sivi Parks

February 09, 2011 – 09:08 PM

What a heartwarming story of courage,unselfishness and bravery on both parts.Good luck and God Bless to both of you!


February 09, 2011 – 09:10 PM

I’m inspired guys. You make me proud to be a deac. Get well soon.

Jon Russell

February 09, 2011 – 09:57 PM

Tom and Kevin, The Hill School (Tom’s high school alma mater) is cheering for both of you. We wish you rapid recoveries!

Cathy Skitko

February 09, 2011 – 10:13 PM

What a story of caring and love for another … Coach is a model for all of us … God bless you both!

Paul Larsen

February 09, 2011 – 10:29 PM

Coach, you are a hero. Best wishes to you and Kevin in your recuperation. I’ll be cheering on the Deacs baseball team…GO DEACS!

Judy Jones Tisdale

February 09, 2011 – 10:48 PM

Home run Tom!

Thank you, Roger Ting The Hill School ’81

Roger Ting

February 09, 2011 – 10:54 PM

This is an excellent example of pro humanitate in action. Best wishes to both Tom Walter and Kevin Jordan, and all the best for a speedy recovery.

Christian Burris (’93)

February 10, 2011 – 12:24 AM

Hello Tom and Kevin. I saw your story on NBC Nightly news. What a terrific story. Coach, that wonderful Jesuit education was exemplified here. May all the best be there for both of you.

Warmest regards,

Mike Shine

Michael Shine

February 10, 2011 – 03:36 AM

Best of luck to you both. My mom received a kidney on 01-30-09 at PCMH after a few years on dialysis. The transplant has made such an improvement in her life. I ask everyone that reads this guest book to consider becoming a organ donor.

Ivey Cook

February 10, 2011 – 06:15 AM

Best wishes for a speedy, smooth recovery for you both. Wow, a wonderful story.

Scott and Jo Ann Trethaway

February 10, 2011 – 06:31 AM

You can always choose… and Tom did his choice. Great example for all us. Thanks Tom, good luck Kevin :)

Danilo Balbinot

February 10, 2011 – 08:29 AM

Tom may the Creator bless you for your selfless effort, and Kevin may you grow to contribute much to the world of sports and beyond.

Imam Nadim Ali

February 10, 2011 – 08:39 AM

God Bless both Kevin and Coach Walter. What a wonderful story of sacrifice. Wishing both a speedy recovery.

Michael Logan

February 10, 2011 – 08:59 AM



February 10, 2011 – 09:11 AM

My father was unsuccessful in receiving a kidney transplant. I may need a kidney someday too. I can only pray that I will find a selfless individual like Mr. Walter to help me. God bless you for your actions; your generosity and bravery bring tears to my eyes.

Keith Bayer

February 10, 2011 – 09:19 AM

Amazing story of personal sacrifice.Speaks volumes to the Coach’s character and to the University of Wake Forest for their support.

william zackoff

February 10, 2011 – 09:26 AM

Coach Walter: You were blessed to be a blessing. Such an amazing story of grace and generosity. You leave us speechless.

We bleed light blue and are the parents of a Carolina athlete. GO DEACONS!

Halle Meyer

February 10, 2011 – 09:28 AM

Tom, you’ve given a new definition to the term, \”man up\”. Well done.

Mark Sanborn

February 10, 2011 – 09:41 AM

What a beautiful and inspiring story!! Coach, thanks for reminding us that there are incredible and amazing people in our world, such as yourself! I am humbled by your unselfish gift of life. You and Kevin are surrounded by caring thoughts and prayers and heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery! God Bless!

Bob and Joyce Dick

February 10, 2011 – 10:32 AM

even prouder now to be a parent of a wake forest student

david teller

February 10, 2011 – 11:21 AM

What a courageous and selfless act of giving. May God continue to bless you both in the years ahead. Our Creator brought you both together for this life changing experience… I am sure that He has some other wonderful blessings in store for the both of you as well. Go Deacons!

The Vastola Family

February 10, 2011 – 11:31 AM

It is so refreshing to know that there are still wonderful people willing to sacrifice for others. Truly heroic!

D. Cadd

February 10, 2011 – 11:42 AM

I am so proud to be a parent of a Demon Deacon alumni. Blessings to you both. Thanks for showing the country why wake Forest is such a special place.


February 10, 2011 – 11:43 AM

Thank you Coach Walter for giving the wonderful gift of life!!!! As a transplant patient, I truly appreciate this story. I am now waiting for a second transplant. This story is a great example for others, and it emphasizes the fact that a kidney donor can live a long , healthy life afer donating . Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


February 10, 2011 – 11:47 AM

Way to go Coach! Glad that you know that there are real people behind the players on your team. God Bless you and a speedy recovery to both you and Kevin!


February 10, 2011 – 11:47 AM

Talk about ‘taking one for the team!’ Wishing you both speedy and healthy recoveries and hoping that your example of team work reminds people of how some things happen for a reason yet to be understood….GO DEACS

WFU parent ’12

February 10, 2011 – 12:05 PM

I’ve always been proud to be a Deacon, but this is such an amazing story. It is a definition of Coach Walter’s character to even think about donating a kidney to one of his players. I think Wake Forest is lucky to have such a wonderful coach and person. And I feel honored to be part of a tradition that continues to live today through both Coach Walter and Kevin Jordan. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

Laura Bayzle

February 10, 2011 – 12:17 PM

Such a wonderful story! Wish both player and coach all the best and a speedy recovery!

Bridey Hannold

February 10, 2011 – 01:53 PM

What a gracious and selfless act by Coach Walter. He certainly puts the Pro Humanitae into action with his actions. We wish a speedy recovery to both men and God Bless them.

\”Clyde W. Glosson,Class 1962

February 10, 2011 – 05:07 PM

Wake has always been full of amazing people and accomplishments – this is on top of my list. Best wishes and prayers form recovery – Ruthann Hibbs Simpson ’78

Ruthann Hibbs Simpson

February 10, 2011 – 05:07 PM

WOW…your story is awe-inspiring. You make me proud to be a Demon Deacon. God bless you both during your recovery!!

Alex Garcia

February 10, 2011 – 05:55 PM

This is an amazing and inspiring story. Mr. Walter, there aren’t many like you out there.

I wish you both a very speedy recovery.

Nate W

February 10, 2011 – 05:56 PM

Everyone needs a ‘Tom Walter’ in their life that will help them even knowing there is a risk involved.

Ariel D Duncan

February 10, 2011 – 05:59 PM

Not many people would do that, not even for those they love. So thank you Mr.Walter, I wish there were more out there like you. -Kristie Marie <3

Kristie Reynolds

February 10, 2011 – 06:38 PM

As a 1979 Wake Forest grad who now lives in Colorado, I was so proud to read in our local paper about Coach Walter’s donation of a kidney to Kevin Jordan. I am overwhelmed by Coach Walter’s generosity and caring for his young player. Coach Walter’s actions show that he is a stellar role model for his players off the field as well as on. Thank you Coach Walter!

Debbie Smith Betsinger

February 10, 2011 – 07:41 PM

Thank you for your life affirming behavior! The best to both of you.

Richard Winett

February 10, 2011 – 10:58 PM

My son Austin, 13 years old, also has Vasculitis. It is important to create awareness of this disease. It is such a wonderful blessing for Coach Walter to help Kevin have a second chance! I will keep both of them in my prayers. I encourage everyone to go to www.vasculitisfoundation.org to learn more or donate to this worthy organization.


February 11, 2011 – 06:24 AM

An act of kindness which is truly priceless.


February 11, 2011 – 08:31 AM

Wake Forest must be very proud to have such a wonderful human being on their staff. What an example he sets for his players. We should all learn and appreciate no matter how small or large the act of kindness is….


February 11, 2011 – 09:39 AM

What a wonderful story. As the child of both an organ donor and an organ recipient, I understand both sides of your story. Best wishes to both of you – It makes me very proud to be part of the Wake Forest family.

WFU Parent

February 11, 2011 – 10:40 AM

an example of life for all. when I will become father I will tell your history to my sons with affection ivan merli from italy

ivan merli

February 11, 2011 – 12:13 PM

What a wonderful gift this coach has given his young player. Coach, you just put more stars in your crown! Our grandson is a freshman at Wake and we are so proud to know that there are people like you on Wake’s staff. God bless you!

Paula Hammer

February 11, 2011 – 01:42 PM

This story is a very touching story and I feel that it just proves the fact that God is still moving and intervening in today’s time. May you both have a speedy recovery.

Marika’ Dillard

February 11, 2011 – 01:44 PM

Coach Walter is a hero. He automatically gets my vote for baseball coach of the year even if the team loses every game…

God Bless Kevin and his Coach…

Randall Carroll

February 11, 2011 – 02:32 PM

Tom, What a gift you have given to Kevin! Having had a kidney transplant in Sept ’09, I am speaking from first hand experience. Kevin, Take care of yourself and that gift of life! God bless you both.

Pat Kowalchick

February 11, 2011 – 04:19 PM

Hugs and High 5s from Victory Junction on what a wonderful gift you have given Kevin! Bless you!

Victory Junction Staff

February 11, 2011 – 04:21 PM

What an amazing story- my heart is with both of you and I wish you speedy and full recoveries. You are so lucky to have found each other at this time in your lives! Thanks for reminding us all of the wonderful people there are in the world around us.


February 11, 2011 – 04:27 PM

You were nominated as the Number 1 \”Bro of the week\” on Brobible.com’s column. You should check it out and read all of the comments from people you have inspired. Your selfless act will never be forgotten and will continue to inspire for years to come. Get well they wouldn’t let me post a link to the article but it won’t be hard to find

Harrison Hardee

February 11, 2011 – 08:40 PM

God Blesses us daily and offers the gift life miraculously! To give such a gift freely and lovingly is humbling. May you both always know such kindness and value life to its fullest! And again, WFU proves its love for its community- and makes me proud to know that my son will be one of you next year! God Bless You all and may your future be filled with health, hope and happiness. The Goodwin Family.

Diana Goodwin

February 11, 2011 – 10:32 PM

I am blessed to work for a WFU grad and am overwhelmed by the selfless generosity and integrity shown by Coach Walter. I will keep both Coach Walter and Kevin in my prayers. It was an honor to hear your story on Fox 8.

God Bless you both!

Jennifer Baldwin

February 11, 2011 – 11:16 PM

Thank you Coach Walter for putting what sacrifice and compassion really mean in such literal and generous perspective.


February 12, 2011 – 01:38 AM

Coach Tom – I live in Wisconsin and just saw the piece on ESPN about your kidney donation to your outfielder, Kevin. Truly inspiring. Best of luck this year.


February 12, 2011 – 02:50 AM

Coach Walters-

I recently read and watched on ESPN that you had donated a kidney to a player on your Wake Forest baseball team. I wish I could say that I was shocked or amazed. However, I am not. Not only are you a great coach but greater person. Your ability to treat your players with respect and compassion while pushing them to be there very best has always been your greatest characteristic. Your selfless act shows how much you care about your current and former players. I wish you nothing but the best, both personally and professionally. Please get well soon and get back on the field as soon as possible.

Rob Ingwer The George Washington University Baseball Team 1995-1999

Robert Ingwer

February 12, 2011 – 07:05 AM

I would just like to pass on my best wishes to Coach Walter and Kevin Jordan. This is a great example of dedication, devotion and sacrifice to ones players\/students and profession! It was 10 years ago in November that I donated a kidney to my brother Paul. It was an easy decision for me to give to my brother. I am an elementary school principal and I can only imaginge the satifaction Coach feels giving to a player. It was one of the most difficult and most satisfying experiences of my life. Good luck to both Coach Walter and Kevin! I will certainly follow both of their progress and I can’t wait to see both of them on the diamond together!

John Zywien

February 12, 2011 – 09:38 AM

coach walter – just saw the story on espn and wanted to say that your act of kindness was truly inspiring. best wishes to both of you as you continue the recovery process.

michael o’kelley

February 12, 2011 – 09:50 AM

I just saw this story on Sports Center this morning. I wanted to take a moment to express my admiration and best wishes to both Tom and Kevin. This selfless act is what the human experience is all about.

David Brooks

February 12, 2011 – 10:19 AM

Tom, God is with you, and will reward you for the wonderful deed you have done! Christ gave his life for you, and you gave a gift of life. We can all learn from you.I pray a long life on both of you, In the name of the Christ!


February 12, 2011 – 11:14 AM

Tom and Kevin,

I have never been prouder to be a Demon Deacon. You both showed such courage, sacrifice, and commitment. I read the letter that President Hatch sent all the students and forwarded it to my family and they continued spreading the word. My family and many other Alabamians are praying for you both. Thank you for being such incredible people. I wish you the best.


February 12, 2011 – 04:30 PM

your selfless contribution to this young man reinforces once more the quality of the faculty at Wake. Your act of kindness and community is a lesson in life no book teaches, Thank you

rick leto

February 13, 2011 – 11:26 AM

Tom (Walt) & Kevin,

I wish you both a speedy recovery.

It’s funny. Yesterday I was sorting through old photos and found one from a trip to Hawaii that Tom and I were on with The Johnstown High School basketball team for The Iolani Classic (1985?). The picture is a bit out of focus, but it is a bunch of us knuckleheads in a hotel room beaming with gleeful disbelief that we are in Hawaii. Then this morning, Jon Saunders on The Sports Reporters ends the show with the story of the two of you.

It’s a pleasure to have known Tommy personally and to see Kevin on the path to a healthier life and eventually in Yankee pinstripes.


February 13, 2011 – 02:18 PM

I am a third generation Deacon, and I could not be more proud to say that than now, because I am also part of a family that is impacted by kidney disease. My father-in-law received a kidney from a friend 10 years ago, and it has given him an entirely new lease on life. My husband has the same disease, and may well need a kidney himself down the road. My children have a 50\/50 chance of facing kidney disease, too. I am keenly aware of the unbelievable and selfless gift that giving an organ is, and I am incredibly touched by the journey that you have both taken. Thank you for sharing your story so that it might inspire others to do the same. Be well.

Julia Jackson-Newsom (’94)

February 13, 2011 – 05:58 PM

WOW!!!! I truly admire the both of you. I am a freshman at High Point University and I face the same situation as Kevin, I am a kidney patient who has had two kidney transplants and I understand fully the gift of living and how important it is. I admire both of you for the courage and true generosity of Mr. Walter. Congratulations to the both of you and I wish you all nothing but the best as you both recover!!! What a blessing!!!… I will be transferring to Wake Forest soon!! I would love to meet the both of you!!

Courtney Agurs

February 14, 2011 – 01:11 AM

Coach Walter, you are indeed a person of OUTSTANDING generosity for giving something that many would not even consider donating… Kevin, you are, obviously, a very strong young man who’ll come out of this, and whatever else life throws at you even STONGER— By the way, I’m a freshman at Wake as well, so maybe I’ll get to meet you in your AWESOMENESS the remaining years that we’re here!!!!

With all due respect, Betty J. Ogburn

Betty J. Ogburn

February 14, 2011 – 05:26 PM

To the parents of Coach Walter and Kevin Jordan. Excellent job raising those two fine young men… To Coach and Kevin, forever joined, hope you both have great recoveries.

Momma D

February 14, 2011 – 10:01 PM

I was a kidney donor on August 6, 2010, to my son. My congratulations to both of you. We are doing well, and I am thrilled to have been a donor! My best wishes, Elizabeth


February 15, 2011 – 11:55 AM

Coach Tom and Kevin, I am thinking of you two constantly and hoping that you both continue to feel stronger every day. What a wonderful event for both of you! There just are not enough words to articulate the magnitude of this experience. I look forward to seeing you, Coach Tom, on the field and you, Kevin, back in school soon!

Sherry Long

February 15, 2011 – 04:26 PM

You are both in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your amazing act of kindness coach. Here is to a speedy recovery. Can’t wait to see you stealing homeruns away in the outfield next season!

Nicole Soskin

February 15, 2011 – 09:01 PM

Awesome….a man truly after mine own heart. Can we meet?


February 15, 2011 – 11:23 PM

Outstanding, Coach Walter. Your kindness is a wonderful testament to your total commitment to your players. You came to Wake with an impressive record of dedication and now you take it to an unimaginably high level. Our Wake Forest Baseball Family is honored to have you guide our players on the field and in their lives. Best wishes to you and Kevin for speedy and complete recoveries.

Mike and Kay Kledzik

February 21, 2011 – 10:43 AM

Kevin, hope your recovery continues to go well. Coach Walter,you are an amazing human being. What an inspiration you are to the rest of us!

Gina Jarrett

February 21, 2011 – 10:51 AM

You are a true gift from God. I heard your story on K-Love Christian Radio prior to reading my campus email that came out and I want to let you know that this selfless act that you have shown has touched my heart along with several others.

I was driving in to work and listening to K-Love when they shared your story. The host on the radio prompted people to call in and share their thoughts and perhaps something that they received from a selfless act…. The stories that poured in over the radio were overwhelming.

I have always been proud to work for Wake Forest University. But, hearing your story and what you did for Kevin has given me a an overwhelming joy that can’t be taken away.

I pray for you and Kevin and hope that you both make a full, quick recovery.

~Krista Robeson

Krista Robeson

February 21, 2011 – 11:04 AM

Wow what an awesome story, best wishes to both patients for a speedy recovery. As a RN working with organ donors and recipients I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with patients like you. God Bless you both and again best wishes. =)

Lisa Montgomery

February 21, 2011 – 11:08 AM

As a kidney donor myself, I know what an ordeal it can be. I hesitated to make such a sacrifice, even though it was my own sister that was in need. Your courage is an inspiration to us all.

Eric Carlson

February 21, 2011 – 11:08 AM

This story is truly an inspiration. Thank you for your selflessness.

Katie Lotman

February 21, 2011 – 11:16 AM

No greater love has any man than this, that he should lay down, go under the surgical knife, and provide extended life for a friend. Refuah sheleimah (may you both be strengthened).

Travis Manning

February 21, 2011 – 11:17 AM

The very best to both of you!

Bruce Resnick

February 21, 2011 – 11:27 AM

A student asked me the other day if there was such a thing as a purely altruistic act in this world today. I did not hesitate but said yes and gave as an example Coach Walter’s donation of a kidney to a young man who has not played one game or even an practice with the WFU Baseball team. He did it because it was the right thing to do; not for any gain or profit. Way to go. Thank you for being such a wonderful example to the community. And Kevin welcome to the WFU family. Life is only going to get better.

Linda Petrou

February 21, 2011 – 11:30 AM

It is stories such as this one that remind people of the bright goodness that exists in our world. Coach, thank you for your extreme selflessness and for modeling what is means to live in Pro Humanitate. To both, a speedy recovery.


February 21, 2011 – 11:39 AM

Wishing you both a speedy recovery!

Robin Godwin

February 21, 2011 – 11:46 AM

What an amazing story! May you both have a speedy recovery! Thank you for teaching us all a lesson Coach!


February 21, 2011 – 11:50 AM

Thank you so much Coach Walters for helping Kevin in his time of need. Kevin lived on my hall last semester, and while I did not know him well, he always had a smiling face and a warm hello for me every time we crossed paths. I pray that both of you have fast recoveries and that I will be seeing Kevin again soon!

Elizabeth Patterson

February 21, 2011 – 11:50 AM

This story is an inspiration to all of us. My prayers are with you both for quick and happy recoveries.


February 21, 2011 – 11:53 AM

The Rabbinic Sages teach us that one who saves a life has saved a generation. May you both have a speedy & healthy recovery. Strength to you both! Rabbi Michael Gisser Associate Chaplain for Jewish Life at Wake Forest University

Rabbi Michael Gisser

February 21, 2011 – 12:09 PM

I lost My kidney in June to leiomyosarcoma. Good luck to both of you.


February 21, 2011 – 12:10 PM

Although I have never met you personally, it touched my soul when I heard of your kindness. I admire you so much. I hope that you and Kevin are both doing much better and will have long, healthy lives


February 21, 2011 – 12:32 PM

This is absolutely precious! I am at a loss for words. You guys are both amazing!

Latisha Di Venuto

February 21, 2011 – 12:58 PM

This is such a touching story! I’m so proud to be a Wake Forest student. You both will be in my prayers.


February 21, 2011 – 01:33 PM

Such an inspiring act of kindness. Thank you Coach Walter! You have definitely set an example of what we should all follow. God bless you both!


February 21, 2011 – 01:42 PM

This was truly a remarkable and inspiring action by Coach Walter. God bless both of them and hope they both recover soon.


February 21, 2011 – 01:45 PM

It is such an inspiring and selfless act. Such actions show that goodness still exist in this world. We are all proud to be associated with such a human being.

Sridhar Dasu

February 21, 2011 – 02:46 PM

Pro Humanitate!

Amber Waake

February 21, 2011 – 02:50 PM

Thank you, Coach Walter. You are an incredible man. Everyone in Athletics, and the entire WFU community, is proud of you. You’re a fabulous example to all. Blessings to you and to Kevin! Quick recoveries!


February 21, 2011 – 04:00 PM

Great thing Coach Walter did. Wish both Kevin and Coach Walterthe best going forward, and hope to get to a Wake ball game this Spring.

Harmon Davis

February 21, 2011 – 04:26 PM

God bless Coach Walter and Mr. Jordan. Praying for your recovery and good spirits. What a way to show the world what Wake Forest community is all about! Go Deacs!


February 21, 2011 – 04:53 PM

Go Kevin, Go Walter, Go Deacs!

Brett Donahoo

February 21, 2011 – 05:09 PM

This is why I love Wake Forest- Pro Humanitate!

Amelia Knight

February 21, 2011 – 05:10 PM

Genuine and selfless acts of kindness and care displayed by Coach Walter for Kevin makes me so proud to be a Demon Deacon….GO DEACS!

Blakeney Brown

February 21, 2011 – 05:32 PM

Such acts of kindness seem all to rare in this day and age. Coach Walter has demonstrated the essence of what makes WFU so special, the desire to serve others. Best wishes to both Kevin and Coach Walter in their respective recoveries.

Linda Sutton

February 21, 2011 – 05:55 PM

Wow, this display of pro humanitate gives the old saying ‘he would give the shirt off his back’ another meaning. Beautiful. Thank you coach for the love you showed our brother. Thank you Jordan for being humble enough to accept such a gift.


February 21, 2011 – 06:09 PM

Coach Walter, You are what every collegiate athletic team needs. You are a special coach and I wish you and your team the best this season!

Ethan Groce

February 21, 2011 – 06:34 PM

Coach: I sent the message of your wonderful gift to numerous friends across the US and Europe. The response for your deed bordered on disbelief. You thankfully answered the question \”WHY\”? Kevin, my most sincere wishes for a speedy recovery and a wonderful, long life. God bless you both. Dr. L.

\”John Litcher, Professor Emeritus

February 21, 2011 – 08:49 PM

Coach and Kevin, well wishes from an old Texas Deac who couldn’t be prouder of this example of Pro Humanitate!

Jorge Font

February 22, 2011 – 01:34 AM

Your kindness and compassion, and determination to get well and be strong, make me even more proud to be associated with Wake Forest. Maybe we can use this event to spearhead a donor drive on campus, getting tested as a match for bone marrow transplants and other lifesaving measures? What do you think? A speedy and full recovery to you both. With admiration and respect.

Sherry Jarrell

February 22, 2011 – 02:54 AM

Best wishes to both of you as your recuperate. This was a true example of humanity helping humanity.

David Hagy

February 22, 2011 – 01:31 PM

Based on everything I’ve read, I am in awe of both of you! You both exemplify courage of the highest standard. I’m so proud you are part of the Wake Forest community.

Kathy Kennedy

February 22, 2011 – 01:32 PM

This story really touches my heart and thousands of others. This is a priceless gift that shows how good people can be to one another. This is the true definition of Pro Humanitate.

Stephanie Marcum

February 23, 2011 – 09:09 AM

As a parent of a child with a kidney disease (Alports Syndrome), this touches my heart more than anyone will ever know, except for Kevin and his family. It is a scary feeling to know that one day your child will go through these added speed bumps in life, and that you as a parent, cannot change that. I am grateful that the two of you were led on this journey of life to be where you are today. God does know what he doing, even if we are unsure along the way. May God bless you both!

A. Jones

March 31, 2011 – 03:40 PM

Wow…thank you for sharing a piece of you with your fellow brother. God bless you both.

Luisa Sanchez

April 01, 2011 – 04:10 PM

Coach Walker, Your generosity to Kevin Jordan is so very gracious. You are truly an example to all of us of Pro Humanitate. Thank you for being willing to give life to someone in need.

Cheryl Busby

April 21, 2011 – 05:21 PM

Mr. Walter, You are an amazing person! Being a kidney donor myself I know what you have gone through and I also know that the reward is an outstanding feeling. Watching someone you care about go through dialysis and kidney disease is very difficult and making the decision to help is very personal. I have learned, with my experience, that helping another person is a reward like no other. You have a voice, sir! A voice that can be heard far and wide. Please use it to teach others that donors are needed. If I could be heard I would shout it to the rooftops and beyond! For every living donor there is a very appreciative, lucky, honored, and deserving recipient. There are so many waiting! You are a blessing and I salute you! You are very special! Thank you for your gift of life!

Michelle Sublett

“, “rendered”: “