Celebrating Arnold Palmer

Arnold PalmerWake Forest named its newly renovated golf complex in honor of Demon Deacon legend Arnold Palmer during a ceremony on Sunday, Oct. 16. A three-time conference champion and two-time national champion as a Deacon, Palmer has seen his legend extend beyond golf through business and back to Wake Forest as a trustee and more.

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Caryl Guth says:

My story begins one hot humid day in the spring of 1957 before the days of air-conditioning when windows needed to be open to stifle the stagnant hot air in classrooms. Before ancillary buildings were ready for classes on the brand new campus, classes were held in the Reynolda Building. Pop Jones was in the middle of conducting our class on the ground floor of Reynolda Hall when suddenly he remarked, ‘Well come on in.’ Upon turning around, the class eagerly welcomed Arnie Palmer as he was crawling through the open window. He had come to visit one of his favorite professors after having won a tournament in Wilmington and was on his way to the Masters next. Needless to say the remainder of the class was spent discussing Arnie’s numbers rather than Pop’s. Yet the real lesson learned was observing the impact a humble ambassador can have and appreciating the prolonged value of interpersonal relationships created with folks known and those unknown.

Caryl Guth

J. Sam Johnson says:

I remember watching Arnold chipping from a bushel basket of balls to a green on our 9-hole golf course at Wake Forest in 1955, into the dusk hours. His dedication to the game of golf and to Wake Forest have both been remarkable, and we alumni are all grateful.

Andy Firment says:

My wife & I grew up near Latrobe and were proud to have Arnie as a neighbor. I’ll never forget the day in 1962 that he came to give our golf team at St. Vincent a few pointers!!

Ethan Groce says:

Arnie, you have dedicated your life to the game of golf and this has propelled Wake Forest into the national spotlight many times over. I am grateful to you and I am a fan of yours, and your drink!

Ron Wellman says:

Arnold Palmer started the great golf tradition at Wake Forest. Naming the facility that he designed the “Arnold Palmer Golf Complex” is the perfect way to honor him and all that he has done for our golf program, athletic department and university.

Nathan Hatch says:

Wake Forest University has become synonymous with exceptional golf. Beginning with Arnold’s success in the late ’40s and early ’50s, the golf tradition at Wake Forest has continued to grow. There has never been another student-athlete who has had a bigger impact on Wake Forest University, as a financial supporter, advocate, ambassador and a role model.

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